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Random Havamal Verse - Jumping into the Void

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September 7th, 2006

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09:52 pm - Random Havamal Verse
Got two today as they sort of go together. Actually it's part of a longer set, but the pointer ended up between these two, so I included both.

Afire with longing" I left her then,
Deceived by her soft words:
I thought my wooing had won the maid,
That I would have my way.

After nightfall I hurried back,
But the warriors were all awake,
Lights were burning, blazing torches:
So false proved the path

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Date:September 8th, 2006 04:16 am (UTC)
Hmm-- what are these from, more specifically?
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Date:September 8th, 2006 05:59 am (UTC)
It's from the Havamal, or Sayings of the High One. They are supposedly bits of wisdom told by Odin. A suprisingly large amount deal with hospitality. They were set down many hundreds of years ago. It was part of the Codex Regius, dated around 1270, although it is believed to have been copied from earlier material, perhaps from tenth century Norway. In terms of worshipping Odin (as I do) it's rather like a bible, but for practical and social matters and how to best live one's life. Good hospitality, being a good friend, avoiding too much drink, things like that. It also contains the famous account of how He won the knowledge of the Runes by being hung on the world tree, Yggdrasil for nine days.

These particular two stanzas are part of a longer narrative within the Havamal of how Odin tried to hook up with a woman, but was eventually thwarted by her. There were people outside her window, so he waited until they went to bed, only to find a dog tied to her bed, etc.

Odin, in the Havamal, often warns against the wiles of women, especially the wives of other men. But to be fair he also admits that men are just as bad and many have lied to have their way with maids.

Here's a link to the translation I'm using

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