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I'd forgetten that Mercury was in retrograde

So I'm driving home with Liz and the radio cuts out. I'm thinking that the radio just died. It was starting to get bad. Then a little while later the car starts to idle roughly, then badly. When I hit the gas, the car barely moves. This is not good. I manage to pull into a Firestone shop and then the car dies. I tried to restart the car and nothing. It's like the battery is dead. But the battery is fairly new. So I'm left with the conclusion that it is the alternator. The alternator must have been shot and the battery just got drained. That would explain why my raido cut out.

So, we left the car at the shop and we called Liz's dad to come pick us up. I'm glad we still have Liz's car. Hopefully it can all be fixed tomorrow as our Grove is having it's Midsummer ritual this Saturday.
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