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The next day - Jumping into the Void — LiveJournal

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August 9th, 2007

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11:29 pm - The next day
Liz and I had lunch with two of the owners of the company. They were the original founders of the company, and are identical twins. They are not getting along well with the new management and had lots of complaints. Not only did they buy lunch, they also offered to help us if we run into financial trouble. They even offered to pay for education to help me in the field I'm passionate about.

I was really touched by their offer.

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Date:August 10th, 2007 03:31 am (UTC)
Good things come to good people, and you're a very wonderful person, Rod.

-=uberhugs=- all your ad are belong to us...

I hope and wish you the best of the best. If there's anything I can help with, anything, you know you've only got to snap your fingers, and this little ninja n00b will come running! :)

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Date:August 10th, 2007 03:43 am (UTC)
Thank you so much!
(Deleted comment)
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Date:August 11th, 2007 01:31 am (UTC)
Just having so many friends wishing us well is a great comfort.

Thank you!
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Date:August 10th, 2007 01:08 pm (UTC)
See, now THESE are the kind of people that warm my cockles.

That sounded dirty, didn't it?

Well, at least things are looking up. Just be glad I didn't get you the day-glo yellow NOT A NINJA t-shirt when I went to Connecticon.
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Date:August 11th, 2007 01:37 am (UTC)
Yeah, they are nice guys.

The shirt wouldn't have worked for me, as I am teh NINJA!!
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Date:August 10th, 2007 02:15 pm (UTC)
Good news in the quest to stick it to you man ;)

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