uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

Father's Day

Liz and I went to the Belleville Stawberry Festival with her parents. We walked around, looking at the different merchant thingies and ate at a restaurant we had always wanted to go to. We had spent a good amount of time at Best Buy yesterday trying to find a present for Liz's dad. We ended up with an answering machine and a DVD of The Missing. Father's Day had been something of a non-holiday since my dad passed away, so it was nice to celebrate it with Liz's dad.

Liz's mom bought her a nice skirt for $25 and gave me $25 to get something for myself. She's so nice.

We watched that Quest for King Arthur thing on the History Channel tonight. Very good. It was hosted by the actor who will play Lancelot in the new King Arthur movie with Keira Knightly.
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