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I've been sending out resumes, the most recent today. I'm getting a lot of benefit out of the outplacement services that my former company is paying for. Lots of good interviewing skills, not to mention resume and cover letter writing. I see where I flubbed past interviews with bad answers, so hopefully I can avoid that in the future.

One key thing I learned is to always be on your best behavior with the receptionist. Hiring people tend to talk to the receptionists to get impressions about candidates. Also, I've learned how to respond to such questions as, "How much are you making now?" (always give a range) "What would your previous employer say is your biggest weakness?" "Name a time where you made a critical mistake and how you over came it?" and other such horrible questions.

Anyway, the place I sent out the resume today is a place I would really like to work at, the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE). It's part of the University of Michigan, so the benefits are really good. I would be doing editing of manuals and other training materials that get sold to lawyers. I had interviewed with them several years ago, but didn't get past the second interview. The first interview was sitting down with the direct supervisor and talking about the job and taking a writing test (I scored very well). I thought I had a great rapport with the interviewer and got along well with them. The second interview was with an HR person and they asked all the questions I hadn't learned how to answer smoothly yet. But this time I know I will do a better job. It seemed like a really great place. Plus the University benefits would be fantastic!

I also happen know that they use Adobe FrameMaker, which I got a copy of all those years ago (at the first interview) to learn. In fact, I'm using it to write my roleplaying game. So I made sure to mention the FrameMaker experience on the cover letter and in the resume. The ad in the paper didn't mention FrameMaker at all. It's nice to have some inside info.

So wish me luck, pray hard for me and/or do lots of magic for me.
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