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I have two job interviews this week.

One was today at Murray Air for a Technical Publications/Training Assistant position. I would by doing technical writing and dealing with maintaining pilot training records and other similar things. The pay range is about what I was making before so that's good. It seems like a nice place, and I am qualified for the position. Of the 9 candidates, I am the only one that has used FrameMaker, an Adobe publishing program. Apparently they use FrameMaker for their manuals and stuff. So that gives me a leg up. Also, my past experience dealing with organic certification would come in handy dealing with all the regulations revolving air crafts and flights They gave me an IQ test and I scored 135. I is smart. Today was the initial screening interview, but I think they were impressed with me. As I left, the person I saw said, "Good interview!" They have the other candidates to interview and I should hear back next Wednesday.

The second interview is tomorrow with NSF International. They do product safety testing. I'm going for the Certification Project Manager position. I would deal with customers who are seeking to get products tested, doing some travel to visit with them/see the product, making sure the tests get done and reporting the results back to the customer. This is very similar to what I was doing in my last job with getting organic product cleaned and bagged for customers. So I'm well qualified for this as well. The skill sets from my last job translate well to this new one. The pay however, is significantly more than what I was making before. $43-45,000/year. That would be really great to get paid a lot more money. My former bosses gave me this lead as they are friends with one of the upper management people there and got a good introduction. NSF is expanding and thus have openings.

I will be seeing 6 people at NSF over 2 hours. They e-mailed me a schedule. I already had the screening interview over the phone last week already so they will be getting right to the tough questions.

I'm really glad I went to that outplacement service. I learned a lot of good interviewing tips and even got to practice answering the kinds of questions that tend to get asked.

I'm confident about the interviews because, 1. I'm qualified for both positions and 2. I learned good interviewing skills. I think I will do well. I'd say I already did very well today. I think I would like the Murray Air job better, but I would be making huge amounts of money more at NSF.

Yay me!

PS: Happy talk like a pirate day! Arrr
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