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Another interview update

So, I had my interviews at NSF. I saw 6 different people which represented 3 different departments. Looks like they are hiring 3 Certification Project Managers. NSF does a lot of testing in regards to making sure stuff doesn't leech from the product and get into drinking water. They also test food and do air quality as well. I met with all water related people. There would be some travel to visit customers and maybe trade shows which sounds cool. I made sure to talk about how much I enjoyed traveling to visit different processors and how important it is to have good face time with people you are working with.

The first pair dealt with consumer water treatment certification, like Brita water filters, and other similar products. The guy kept saying "Good answer" after all of my answers. Almost everyone asked the behavioral type questions like, "Can you name a time when you went above the call of duty to provide good customer service" and "What have you done to improve how you work?" and "Name a time when you failed a customer, what did you do to rectify the situation and what would you do differently" things like that. Actually two different people asked the going above the call of duty quesiton. I mention a time when the transportation manager had gone home and there was a trucking a problem that I had to stay late to deal with. For the failed a customer question, I mentioned a situation that really couldn't be avoided due to factors outside of my control.

Then I saw one guy who was a department manager for commercial/municipal water treatment certification. He focused on my resume and asked me questions about the things I had written there. My resume had individual accomplishments listed for my last position. The outplacement guy had told me to be prepared for that.

Then I saw a pair of people who were in the same commercial/municipal water treatment cert department. One dealt with pools and spas and the other dealt with municipal treatment. They seemed less prepared, but I made sure to bring up my strong points while talking with them, sort of anticipating the kind of information they were looking for.

Finally I met with a guy that dealt with plumbing certification, this was mostly residential piping equipment, although they are starting to get into industial piping area. He was more laid back than the others and I had a good chat with him. His toughest question was "How do you define sucess?" I mentioned that it could be defined several different ways, such as completing a job, but it could also be defined by satisfaction with what you do, and that it was most likely a combination of the two; getting the task finished and feeling satisfaction with the work you had done.

Overall, I think I came out looking good. I was obivously qualified and the skill sets I learned at American Health & Nutrition carried over quite well with what they were looking for. Even my major in college, which dealt with taking technical information and turning it into English for customers and decision-makers fits into what they do. I asked quite a few questions during the interviews as opportunity came up. They seemed impressed with my questions, so that is good.

From here, they will finish up their interviewing, compare notes and call back people for another round of interviews. I'm fairly certain I'll get called back. They asked fairly easy questions and I was able to answer without pause or hesitation. I imagine the next round will be with the departments that want me as well as HR people and they will ask the HR questions rather than the behavioral questions. Things like "what would your former employers say is your biggest weakness?"

Plus, I looked really hot in my new shirt and a sharp looking tie. Not to mention nice pants and my new shoes.

It looks like the dress code for both places is dockers and polo shirts. That's good as I really don't deal with ties all that well. I have a sensitive neck and don't like to have my neck too confined. Also, the NSF building and interior were gorgeous! Wow, it is a very impressive looking building, and huge. I had to tell everyone how lovelyThey have a whole slew of in-house labs where they do testing. The second guy I interviewed with took me around to see the various labs.
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