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I got books

So, Liz and I went to Borders on Saturday and I got $128.70 worth of books. I had gift cards worth $100 so it was very nice. I got:

Complete Idiots Guide to Paganism. This is for a book report for the ADF Dedicant program. It's not something I would normally buy for myself.

The Elements of Graphic Design. Thought I'd get some theory under my belt.

Technical Writing for Dummies. Cause it never hurts to have some learnin' on technical writing.

Complete Idiots Guide to Writing a Novel. Because I will one day write that novel.

Imagine IX: Fantasy Art Exhibition magazine. This showcased some amazing art, as well as some tutorials. The big one that caught my eye was where some guy did a painting in photoshop and painter. It looked really good.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer DVD. This played really badly on my DVD player. The brightness kept going in and out, the picture looked bad and there was this constant static. Even on pause. It plays great in Liz's DVD player and on my computer. I liked it better than the first movie.
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