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Weekend update

Had an interesting weekend. Friday night, I spent a lot of time reading the City of Heroes/Villains forums. The game had been jointly owned by NCSoft and Cryptic Studios. NCSoft is the publisher and Criptic was the ones that made the game. But Cryptic recently sold their half to NCSoft, who now has complete control over the game. All of the developers for the game left Cryptic and moved to NCSoft. NCSoft is building a new studio for them in Mountain View, CA and will dump a bunch of more money and resources into the game. I'm thinking it's a win-win for the game and players. They are hiring a bunch of new people and I applied for a position as concept artist. Liz would love to move back to Mountain View.

Saturday was Geek Day as I went to U*Con, a gaming convention to play a Magic: the Gathering sealed deck tournament. I came in 2nd place out of 7 total players. It's the best I've done yet. I was able to build a very nice deck (we had 45 minutes to make a workable deck out of a starter deck and a couple of booster packs) and won handedly my first two rounds. The third round was bad as the guy, who is really good, had a similar deck, but had some better cards that I didn't have. Oh, well, second place is not bad.

Then afterwards, I went over to go gaming with the guys. Our characters didn't die. Well, my friend Mike had a character die, but over all, we did well. It was a secondary character that made to balance things out. We were going through a dungeon-like place as part of a competition. We go from one side through to the other side through 6 different sections. We get to keep all the loot we find. As we were about to go down into the area, we saw that there was a great number of noble folks betting on the outcome. Most bet that we couldn't make it past the third area. We naturally sunk all our money, 10,000 gold on betting that we would make it out of all 6 sections. Actually only 3 needed to make it out for it to count. We had 10:1 odds, which would make us stinking rich if we make it. If not, then we would be dead and not need the cash. The first section was a hive of giant bees. So we used a fireball spell with fire protection on the caster. No problem. The second section was 3 giant lizards that had a variety of sonic attacks. Thanks to a silence spell we go through intact. I guess most people going through have all their stuff destroyed by the sonic attacks so that they are in no shape for the subsequent sections. The third section had this really nasty undead that have a deathgaze. This is what killed Mike's character. They are resistant to most forms of magic and are really nasty. We have a plan, but need to hurry as Mike's dead character will come back as one of these in 24 hours. So if we want any sort of chance to raise dead, resurrect, reincarnate, etc, we have to hurry. We had to rest to recover spells and stuff, which wasted 8 of the 24 hours remaining. We are being watched by the nobles to see how we do. For precautions, we dismembered the dead party member's body and put it in a bag of holding for safe keeping.

Today, I played City of Heroes with the guys. We did a task force, but were unsuccessful. Not sure what went wrong. We got to the end where you go against a seriously buffed arch-villain (AV), where you need to destroy the 4 towers that are buffing him. We mannaged to do that, and were attacking him when he started to spawn all these henchmen. While we were dealing with those, he would recover from our attacks. This shouldn't have happened. But then Kurt's cable (both internet and tv) went out and he disconnected from the game. At that point, we had been playing 5 hours and people started leaving. Very dissapointing. The big challenge is in getting the AV de-buffed, not in taking him down afterwards. So close.

Then I went to the store and got pop for Liz and myself and ice cream for the both of us. I still haven't showered today.
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