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My Virtue Stories

Because Bunky asked so nicely, I uploaded my virtue stories that I did for the ADF Dedicant Path to my website.

I must say that I like the Fertility one the best. This is the most hotly debated virtue as a lot of people assume that it's all about having babies and get pissed. Officially, ADF interprets Fertility to include and to focus on creativity in general. It should probably be renamed Creativity. But I digress...

I had fun writing these and I drew on my own experiences as much as possible. The courage story was based on my own experiences in breaking my leg back in 1987 after fubbing a landing after doing a jump kick. And of course the art references are close to me as well. For Piety I wanted to be sure it reflected everyday actions rather than just High Day observance.

That said, since the stories are interrelated, they should be read in order.


Virtue stories here
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