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Mom going to Hospice

My mom is going into hospice today. At 4pm they will remove all life support. She was on a ventalator. This is something she didn't want and didn't want any extraordinary measures taken. However, it turns out that my brother lost guardianship of her and her care was taken over by a guardian care corporation. They were willing to work with us and so we will be able to get my mom off life support. I don't expect her to last very long.

It will be a relief. Alzheimer's had devestated her and left her an empty shell of a person. All semblence of any quality of life is gone. And after watching her own mother die from the same disease, didn't want to end up on life support.

The hospital she is in has a hospice wing and she will be moved there, providing she doesn't pass away immediately after removing the breathing tube.
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