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Interview review

I wanted to thank everyone who wished me luck for the interview today. I thought it went well. The company is Surgitel and they make surgical optics for doctors and dentists. You know, the telescopes stuck onto glasses things. They have a really good product line. Anyway I'll know by Friday if I made the cut for the second round of interviews.

Also, I got an e-mail today from Tisch Investments. I had interviewed with them last November/December, but didn't get the position. Apparently they have another opening and wanted to know if I was interested. I'm having an interview with them tomorrow at 3pm. I had really wanted to work for Tisch and welcome a second try. I bought a new shirt to wear tomorrow. Hopefully my clean cut look will sway the powers that be.

I think that when I'm in my suit I look like Russian mafia or something. The shoulders are a bit wide. Plenty of room for a shoulder holster...

I still miss my beard.
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