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I got a job!!!!

I shall be working at SurgiTel! They filled the customer service position, but the woman hiring really liked me and created a position for me. I will be sales support. I will need to start in customer service to learn everything, but then will branch out from there.

Tisch hired someone else, which is disappointing as I really wanted to work there. Apparently when Tisch called, the guy hiring was all set to hire me. But someone else in the company wanted to open it up and do some more interviews, and they ended up hiring someone else. On one hand, this is cool, because they were all set on me from the get go, on the other hand it sucks that someone else got the job.

So if any of you have doctors or dentists use medical optics, recommend SurgiTel to them. They really do have superior products.

I am so relieved to have found something. I may not be able to get time off to go to Wellspring, but still, I'm so happy to be employed again.

I also got my ADF Dedicant pin in the mail today. They are giving them to folks who have finished the written requirements for the Dedicant Path. It's really beautiful.
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