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Busy weekend

I helped out the Huron River Watershed Council inthe biannual River Roundup, where we collect lots of bugs to determine the health of the river. It's part of the Grove's public service projects.

I also fixed the toilet in the downstairs basement. All by myself. The flapper part was broken and the chain wouldn't stay on it. It was also leaking so that water would squirt up against the top of the tank lid and then leak on the floor. So I got a new kit and replaced everything inside. No more leaks and you can flush it with the handle now. I'm very proud of myself. That is a fairly major job. I had to drain the tank and take it off to replace stuff.

I also cut the grass.

Oh, and I picked up my new computer on Saturday. They guy even put in the extra 250 gig hard drive from my old computer into the new one. Now I don't have to transfer over lots of files and have a total of 750 gigs of storage space. I had a really good experience with Shintech. Now my games run so much better. It's quite noticeable.

I also survived my first week at the new job. I feel much more confident taking customer calls as I know a lot more about how to handle them. I still need a lot more experience, but I'm getting there. I've been tasked with making pending orders my bitch. I spent a lot of yesterday organizing them all. My boss wants to know how many of each kind (waiting for customer Rx, needing a PO, other payment issues or other reasons) of hold ups there are and also what sales reps are having problems with pending orders. So far, I've set up an excel spreadsheet to track them and entered in all that I have. When new ones come in I'll enter those as well. The ones that I call the customer about will get called on Wednesdays and the ones that I have to deal with the reps will get called on Friday.

Anyway, I've been told that I'm doing a great job and that's what matters.

Now I'm sleepy and need to get to bed.
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