uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

House of Ick

Well Day One of cleaning at my Mom's is over. I have one word to say: Eeeewwwwww. There was a bit of flooding in the basement about a month ago. Storm drains backed up all over Detroit. Normally my Mom's basement is very dry. There was a lot of damage to papers and things that could be easily discarded. Most of it was old teaching things from when my mom was a teacher so no big loss. But there was a carpet in a side room that was still wet and had mushrooms growing on it. Very gross. My brother and I made that room the first priority. We had to clear a path to get to the carpet. Then finally we cut up the carpet and put it in garbage bags. The smell was very bad, even though we were wearing masks. We took out a lot of bags and also other bits of furniture that was trashed. Then we go out the bleach and mopped like crazy. That helped the smell alot. Then we worked a bit on another section and managed to mop most of the basement. It smells almost normal now.

Liz took a bunch of clothes to a laundramat to get done. It would have taken way to long to do with my Mom's washer. She used the big super duper 50lb load washers.

Will go back tomorrow to throw more stuff out and to move more old delapidated furniture out. Having the water damage is a good excuse to go through and throw out a lot of stuff that should have been tossed years ago. "But Mom, it was too damaged by the flooding." Especially since she has been spirited up North on vacation by an accomplice. Liz and I were planning on spending the nigh there, but changed our minds.

Must go to bed soon so we can get up early again.
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