uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

ConVocation Feedback

Today, I got an email with feedback from the classes I taught at ConVocation back in February. The Rún Valdr were given very high marks and praise.

The Intro to Rune Divination got mostly good reviews, but there were a couple of negative ones. One said that "the instructor was very boring - Didn't make the class interesting." Another said, "The teacher was dry and at one point mentioned not being fond of Runes... The information was scattered and way over a beginner's head after the intro." A third said, "Maybe I was looking for a little more history or unknown 'secret' knowledge. I can look up what he said in a book pretty much."

I can buy the boring or the dry part. Room for improvement and all... But, I can't ever imagine me saying that I'm not fond of Runes. I mean that's how Odin snagged me by dangling Runes in front of me. Unless I was making a very obvious joke or something.

I wonder if this person was in the same class that I was teaching. I really don't believe the information was way over a beginner's head. It was all fairly basic stuff I was covering. The person who said that they thought it was something they could look up in a book was fairly accurate. It really was a basic class.

I thought it was rather interesting when I was asked to give sample readings and I was consistantly very accurate in my readings.

Anyway, I was glad to get the feedback and see that the divination class could use some attention.
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