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So I'm sitting here eating great chinese food watching the Sci Fi Channel.

I had a good day at work. I really do like it much better than my old job. I used to absolutely dread going to work everyday. Now, I actually like it.

My car is in the shop. My shocks were leaking, my windshield washer pump is shot and the mud shield by the front left tire was broken. The car is all fixied now, but the dealership closed at 6pm, the time I get out of work. But I will be able to pick it up tomorrow morning. So all is well.

After work, Liz and I went to Kohls so I could get new shoes and some new pants. My old pants are size 38 and I'm smaller than that now. I couldn't find the right shoes, but got some great pants and some more shirts.

Then we went to get Chinese food. Liz was in pain because she broke her toe. But we got her home safe and sound.

Anyway, is anyone watching Joan of Arcadia? It looks interesting.
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