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Sonly Duty Done

It was an interesting weekend.

Bright and early on Saturday, me, my lovely wife Liz and my twin brother Bob (fraternal twins, we look nothing alike) went to Canada to bury my mom and dad's ashes.

I don't know if it was legal, since we definitely didn't go to a cemetary. My mom's wishes were to have her ashes mixed with my dad's and to be buried (or scattered) up at the Lake. This is Pointe Clark Ontario, which is right off of Lake Huron. But we got through Customs without trouble.

We had sold our cottages to our cousins a long time ago and they have since torn down the cottages and build a very nice house. It really is beautiful. They were gracious enough to allow to find a spot on the property to bury the ashes. They had a couple of old chairs that used to belong to my grandparents in the garden. They don't sit on them. It is a tie to the past. We buried the ashes under one of the chairs, one that had a good view of the lake and a view of the lighthouse.

We had a great lunch with the cousins and took a walk around the lighthouse (a historic landmark). Overall it was a good trip and I'm very glad that we were able to fulfil my mothers wishes. I even used Rún Valdr to make the burial site holy ground. I'm really grateful to our cousins for allowing us to take care of the ashes.

On the way home, we stopped at the Pine River Cheese Factory and got some cheese, cheese curds, some honey, some little sausage things. In fact if you go to the website and thet to About Us, I believe that the woman behind the counter is my cousin Vicki. Their house and farm is just across the creek from the factory. Not the new house, their old one that now is the home of their second son, Dean.

Then we stopped at the store in Amberly, ON for chips and candy bars. MMMM...Coffee Crisps and Mr. Big Bars. And of course, the best of all, Humpty Dumpty Vinegar potato chips. These are the salt and vinegar chips that I grew up eating long before vinegar chips made it to the States.

We also stopped at the Duty Free store at the border and I bought a nice sized bottle of Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey to use at the Grove's Lughnasadh ritual. It was a lot cheaper than buying it locally. What was really amazing was that we saw a bottle of cognac with a price tag of $5,995 US. It was a blend of 3 cognacs, one from the time of Napoleon, one from the civil war era and one from 1910. Sure it was a sizable bottle, but damn! That bottle of cognac cost more than what I paid for my car. They also had some whiskey for $420, and something else that was almost $2000. The sheer volume of quality liquer was astounding. And I don't drink.

They even had a bottle of Absinth from the Czech Republic. It was $72. It listed wormwood as an ingredient.

We got home and I fell asleep with a headache. Liz also had a headache by the time we got home.

Sunday was devoted to City of Heroes as it was double XP weekend and I didn't play at all Saturday. I got a character from level 11 to 26. I had a blast. Lots of fun.
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