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So I ordered some new shoes from Cabela's online. I bought some suede slip on shoes some years ago and really liked them. It's time to replace the ones I have. The color I got is called gunsmoke. They are good for work.

So I went online and ordered 2 pairs, one in gunsmoke and one in black. It shipped last Friday and they arrived today.

However, I found out that I ordered the wrong kind. These had heels more like slippers. I had ordered the Cabela's Slides rather than the Cabela's Suede Mocs. Needless to say I was really disappointed. Oh well, lesson learned.

On the packing slip, there was a whole return part including a pre-paid UPS label. I went online to get the part number of the shoes I should have ordered and filled out the exchange order form on the back of the return thing and my beautiful wife will ship it back from her work tomorrow.

The whole return/exchange thing was really cool and makes me feel like I had really great service. So yay Cabela's.

They even have a winter moc that has thinsulate and is waterproof.

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