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A Sad and Harrowing Tale

Cold and wet part one.

Saturday was rainy. Liz and I went out and did a bit of shopping ate at Moe's, stopped at Border's. I bought a Within Temptation CD. I really like this band. Fantastic stuff. Tell your friends.

Cold and wet part two.

Sunday, Rob Henderson, our Senior Druid and myself, set out to Trenton, MI to do a Fall Equinox Ritual in Elizabeth Park for a local Pagan group. They are not ADF at all, although a member of their's Fig used to be a member of my Grove, years ago. Actually they called it a Mabon ritual, but since Mabon is a made up God, we referred to it as Fall Equinox. Anyway, we were well received, I even did weather working to keep the inevitable rain away. I need more work on it.

For those of you familiar with ADF style ritual, it was during the return blessing part that the rain began. Oh well, we finished and got the stuff packed up.

Then we hung out a little bit longer and around 4:30pm or so decided to head home. Got the car packed up and turned the key in the ignition and nothing happened. The car didn't even try to turn over. I got a jump, but that didn't work. I had plenty of electricity, the fan came on, the radio would play and the lights worked. But the car wouldn't turn over at all. It was decided that it must be the starter or the electrical system going to the starter.

Well, I have a road side assistance service through my credit card. I got it back in 1992 or so. So I call and the polite Indian gentleman starts giving me a hard time. It seemst the address they have on record from me is my previous address in Belleville, MI. I of course, don't remember the full address, nor the old phone number, nor do I correctly remember the last time I used the service. He was going to hang up on me. I asked to speak to a manager, who was much more forgiving of my memory lapse and even updated my records. I was told that a truck would be out in around 55 minutes.

In the meantime, Rob got a ride home with someone else which was good cause I didn't want to have to worry about him getting home too. I called Liz and let her know what was happening.

So I waited and waited. Keep in mind that it is still raining. Then they start packing up the canapies they had set up. A couple at the even, Fig and his wife and a friend of theirs, let me sit in their van while we waited for the tow truck to show up. Finally around 5:30pm or so, I got a call and the guy could barely hear me and wanted the address of my location. I was in a park, there are no addresses for a park. But he said he would come out.

So we waited some more and some more. Then the friend had to use the bathroom. But they locked the bathrooms at 6pm, so she was out of luck. So we waited some more. Finally they left to take her to the bathroom and get something to eat and I stayed in my car waiting some more.

I called the tow truck place and was told that another company was handling the call. So I called the road side assistance place again. The polite Indian gentleman realized that I needed my car towed instead of just getting a jump and tired without luck to find a place to help me. I was told that I should take care of things on my own and they would reimburse me up to $80 for towing. So much for the fucking service I pay a nice yearly fee for.

So Fig and company come back for me and are planning on taking me home. Keep in mind that I am thoroughly soaked and cold. They fed me, gave me blessed Mountain Dew for which I am very thankful.
On the way I spoke to Liz and she tried calling some emergency 24 hour towing places without luck. It was decide that she would pick me up at Fig's place.

So we got there and I waited and was given hot chocolate. Around 9:22pm, we realized that True Blood was on HBO and put that on. I was thinking that if Liz had let them take me home, she wouldn't be missing her show. She has read all of those vampire books.

Evenually Liz shows up and we make it home with time to spare from the encore of True Blood at 10:30. I was still very damp and got undressed, and was thankful that my ordeal was over for now.

Not so cold and damp part three.

So I asked to have a half day at work and was granted leave to go early. I went home ate some lunch and called around for towing services. Got a decent price $150, which was a lot cheaper than the first place I called $203. Went out to my car, moved all the grove ritual stuff into Liz's car (I had driven her to work), while the nice man loaded up my car. He arrived just after I did. Then I drove to the Firestone shop in Ann Arbor, just outside of Briarwood Mall, where I was taking it to be fixed. I had already called ahead and told them I was coming.

I had just gotten home from dropping off my car and was told that it was indeed the starter that had failed. The car also needed some extra little work. Oil change, new wiper blades, power steering fluid change, etc. and that it would be finished tonight.

I just got a call (7:00pm) that the car is ready. Liz is at the mall with friends having dinner, so this will work out well. I can drive over, pay for my car, find her at the mall and give her her car back. I had to go and pick her up anyway. Then we will do a bit of grocery shopping and then head home.

I'm glad this is over. But it makes me think that I should perhaps entertain the idea of getting a new car. I've had several repairs in the past month or so. When you start having to make frequent repairs, it's nature's way of telling you to start shopping.

But still my little Hyundai Accent was a superior car to my 1990 Ford Escort piece of shit. In five years it needed a new engine, 3 fuel pumps, a new gas tank, a new radiator (that still didn't work), a head gasket change. By comparison my 1995 Accent that I've had since 1997 has been relatively trouble free.
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