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My Voting Drama

So Liz and I got up early to vote and got to the polls by 7:30am. There was a huge line. We decided to vote after work.

But I got to thinking that it would be even worse later, so I went to vote during my lunch hour. I stood in line and stood in line and stood in line. I finished voting (Obama, in case you are curious) after 2 hours of getting there. Normally there is never a line. The turnout was huge.

But I was glad I voted. My mother was always very enthusiastic about voting and demanded that my brother and I vote. To her, it was not just a civic duty, it was a sacred duty. I think that even if we had turned out to be brutal murderers, she would only be disappointed in us if we failed to vote.

So later, I decided to go with Liz as she went to vote as I didn't want her to have to wait in line in the dark. We get there and there are no lines, no waiting. The place was almost empty. I was kicking myself. I should have waited.

Oh well, I voted and that's what counts.

There were some interesting proposals this time around.

Proposal one was for "The use and cultivation of marijuana for specified medical conditions." This would allow doctor approved used of marijuana by registered patients for a variety of conditions. It would also permit registered individuals to grow limited amounts of marijuana for qualifying patients. I voted yes.

Proposal two was the really controversial one. It was about stem cell research. "A proposal to amend the state constitution to address human embryo and human embryonic stem cell research in Michigan."

Lots of commercials told me to vote no because it would cost tax payers too much money. Even my brother said to vote no on the grounds that of the 5 types of stem cell research, embryonic is the weakest and least viable of the options. You still have to deal with a chance the body would reject them and thus people would need immune suppressors, which is not good.

However, after reading it, it said that the embryos would be gotten from excess embryos from fertility treatments and would have to be not suitable for implantation. Also, it was required that they would be discarded unless used for research and that they had to be donated by the person seeking fertility treatment. So fears of using embryos from abortions is alleved. In fact, the embryos couldn't be more than 14 days old after cell division begins.

One thing that struck me was that the proposal would prohibit state and local laws that prevent, restrict or discourage stem cell research, future therapies and cures. This sentence does not limit stem cell research to being only embryonic. So that sounded good.

I voted yes.

The other proposals were for maintaining funding for parks, the County Community College and requiring voter approval of the sale of city-owned land aquired for or used as par.

I voted yes on all of those.
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