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Yearly Profit Sharing Check.

Well, on Friday my company distributed the yearly profit sharing checks. I wasn't too sure I would get one since I have not been there a whole year yet, but I did.

So today Liz and I went shopping and I bought her a new vacuum cleaner, since our old one died. We got a Dyson Ball, model D25, for all floors. The yellow one. It's pretty cool and the ball really does make a huge difference in terms of maneuverability. And when I say I bought her a new vacuum cleaner it should be noted that I do most of the vacuuming.

Then I bought her an electric guitar. It's not a very fancy one, but it's a real electric guitar. She had been wanting one for a long time now.

I found a good site that gives free lessons. It's justinguitar.com. There are lots of lessons, all for free, from tuning the guitar up to very fancy stuff. There's even a forum where you can compare notes with other beginners.

We have enough left over to have dinner at a fairly nice restaurant. We are leaning towards sushi/sashimi. Possibly Saica which is near us and is a very nice place.
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