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I saw something awesome

So I'm coming home from work and get onto I-14 heading into Ann Arbor and suddenly there was a huge back-up. It ended up being an accident. Looked like two semi trucks had an accident. One cab was just crushed. It totally closed down the freeway.

Anyway, the accident was just past the exit for a little service drive thing that crosses two other streets. I figured I would get off the freeway, stay on the service drive and just get back on.

Just as I passed the sign announcing the exit in a half mile, some idiot started driving on the side of the road that is reserved for emergency vehicles. It never fails that in situations like this people get impatient and do stupid things. It always pisses me off that people would just drive where they are not suppose to because they can't wait 10 freaking minutes.

But here's where the awesomness happens. After the first idiot drives by, other people start to make their way into the emergency lane. Then the pick-up truck behind me moves over and I'm thinking, "Don't you do it!" But then he just stays behind my car, keeping all the other idiots from moving past our position. It was so cool.

He stayed there until we were all safely on the exit ramp and on the service drive.

But the awesomeness doesn't end there. The first road you come to is Miller. Now if you were to turn left and go a hundred yards you would be where my Grove has its outdoor rituals. But you have to yield to traffic traveling along Miller. I was anticipating this taking a long time. But there was a State Trooper there directing traffic and I was waved along across Miller.

Next road is Maple. This has a little traffic circle thing so I had a better feeling about this. However, another State Trooper passed me and also started directing traffic, so I was waved on again. Then it was a quick trip back onto the freeway and then home.

Only to find that Liz had gotten home before me. I was driving her car, so this means that I will get to drive my car tomorrow! I love driving my car. It's not so much that I'm driving a vehicle, but feels like I can run really fast without getting tired. It is so responsive and light.

Also, City of Heroes next issue is in open testing on the test server. The big thing is the Mission Architect. This allows you to create your own missions including custom created enemy groups and even allies. You get to pick the map, mission objectives, write all the intro stuff, NPC dialog and stuff. It is so cool. User created content for an MMO FTW!!!!

The test server keeps crashing because so many people are on it to try out the new feature. Sometimes the test server gets full and a second one opens up to take the overflow. I have never seen this happen before, no matter how cool the issue content was.

So even thought you can't create maps from scratch yet, it is still freaking cool.

And tonight is new Chuck and Heroes.

I'm living in Awesomeville!
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