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Windows 7

So I signed up for the Windows 7 OS beta awhile back, but never loaded the software.

Then I got an e-mail that I was eligible for the Windows 7 Release Candidate try out. This will last until June 2010, however after March or May 2010 it will shut down every two hours until I actually buy the OS. I downloaded both the 32 bit and the 64 bit versions and installed the 64 bit one.

For those who are not familiar with Windows 7, it is what Vista should have been but failed horribly at being. Vista had double the RAM needs of XP, was bloated, clumsy and awkward. Windows 7 has RAM requirements similar to XP, is faster as they re-did the kernaling system (don't ask me, I'm not sure), and just over all better.

I must say that I really like Windows 7. It's very pretty, quick and I can finally use all 4 gigs of my RAM. There were a couple of games that I had that were not really xp compatible that work great now. One was Halo 2, which was a Vista only game. I had found a program that would let me install and run it under XP, but it wasn't ideal. Now it works great. The other was FakeFactory which re-skins parts of the Half Life 2 games, mostly replacing people with higher res skins. Most notable was the change in Alyx, your NPC cohort who now looks like the Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima.

The only program I haven't had luck runnig is AVG antivirus. So I installed Avast instead, which works fine.

I will definitely buy this when it goes live.
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