uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

Midsummer Ritual

Shining Lakes Grove had its Midsummer ritual today. It was a good rite, we had a good omen and no one died.

I wore my new ritual outfit and I looked quite good if I do say so.

We had tons of rain Friday night which made starting our fire rather complicated. But there was no rain today, although the ground at our ritual area was rather soggy.

As is our custom we honored Bel and Danu as primal father and mother since the summer solltice is the time of the sun's strength. At Yule, we honor Danu and Bel and celebrate the gifts of Danu.

We incorporated something new. After each Kindred was welcomed, we took a brief moment to feel Their presence among us. Normally we never bothered, but I think it helps focus everyone on the devotional aspects of the ritual.
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