uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

Business Trip

So my trip to Boston to help measure Boston University Students for loupes went well. I had a chance to do quite a bit of sight seeing.

On Tuesday we (Hank, our VP of Sales, and myself) visited the Old North Church, the Paul Revere statue, went to the wharf area, saw the cheers bar, went inside and looked around and walked all over town. We took the orange T line at Mass Ave. to get to where we were going, although we ended up walking back to the hotel. My socks were rather thin and were shifting around and I got blisters.

The next day, we finished measuring around 11am or so and I had the bright idea of visiting the Sam Adams Brewery. That was a lot of fun. We got to keep a 7oz. glass and since I don't drink, Hank got to drink my free beer. They let us sample like 4 different kinds of beer, including the Brick House Red, which is only available in Boston on tap. Going in, I knew a lot more about brewing beer than Hank, which is strange since I don't drink at all. But I have a lot of respect for the Sam Adams people. They are all truly passionate about making the best beers possible. At one point our tour guide was handed a glass of beer and started drinking. There was this huge "Awwwwww" from the crowd and she mischieviously asked, "What, you don't get to drink on the job?"

Then after we got back and had a nap, we went out to see Harvard and ate at a gourmet hamburger place. It was small and crowded and they made you sit next to people you didn't know. But the food was good. We just took the bus up Mass Ave to get to Harvard Square. Harvard is a nice looking campus, although it was a bit different that what I had imagined. The buildings were of a sort of reddish colored brick. I guess I was expecting more brown like other schools I've seen.

On Thursday after measuring, we just went straight to the airport. I had a sinus headache by then and was feeling pretty bad. But we got to wait in the Royal Crown lounge until our flight. We arrived at the airport a little bit after 1pm and our flight didn't depart until 5pm. But our flight was being delayed, so Hank worked some magic and got us on a different flight that connected in Washington DC instead of Baltimore. This was good because we would have totally missed our connecting flight in Baltimore.

On the way to Boston, we had a great view of New York City and on the way into DC, I had a great view of the Mall and Congress and the White House.

I was feeling mostly better when we got to Detroit, where my lovely wife Liz was waiting for me.

Overall, I must say that Boston is a pretty nice town. Lots of interesting things to see and experience.
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