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Planning for Wellspring

Well, I'm getting in gear for Wellspring and spent the evening with my mom shopping for one of these mesh gazebo/tent-like things. She needs one for her yard and I'm going to borrow it and put my tent inside. That way rain won't be hitting it directly. I'm just gonna go ahead and assume that it will rain at Wellspring. I'm pretty sure that the word "wellspring" is Gaelic for "torrential rain." I will admit to being a camping wimp; I'm not proud. I will have a new tent, a new big air mattress, plastic totes to pack in (one for clothes, one for food), plus the gazebo thing to help me keep dry as I sleep. I also plan on having little rugs just inside so I can wipe my shoes.

I'm bringing lots of food including pita bread and brownies (with pecans) for any pot-lucks that may spontaneously develop from the very careful and thorough planning of Wellspring. Did I mention brownies?

Of course I'll be bringing bug spray, hand sanitizer (don't leave home without it) a new cool lantern/flashlight thingy and my black sling chair so I have somewhere to sit.

I'm looking forward to teaching my Runic Reiki class again. Hope to have lots of new victims.... er... ummmm....I mean students! Yes, students! It's scheduled for Sunday afternoon. I'm also looking forward to kicking ass in the Warrior Games again, especially the circle challenge. I will be nice and allow my opponents the grace to surrender before the match so they don't get embarrassed too badly. Of course I'm also looking forward to using my special uber powers of healing on all said asses I kicked earlier. I can be gracious.

This is going to be the best Wellspring I've ever been to. Well to be honest it will be the first Wellspring I've ever been to.
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