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Dragon Age Origins

So I bought Dragon Age Origins for the PC and was immediately impressed by the quality of the game. Bioware has done a wonderful job. I've heard lots of praise for the game and was thinking, can the game really be that good? Yes, it really is that good.

The good points:

1. Robust character creator. Not as many options as say City of Heroes, but there is a lot you can do.
2. Non-linear and detailed story development. The game really gives you a lot of freedom as to what to do and that's cool.
3. The art and scenery. Really top notch and highly immersive. Some areas like the Fade and the Dark Roads are really creepy. Everyone had very British yellow teeth which was not good, but there are mods to fix this.
4. Game mechanics. From the camp to combat, the game flow is really nice. Being able to pause during combat to give instructions is great. Also the Tactics mechanic where you set up automatic actions for your teammates is a damn cool idea.
5. Characterization. There is a huge amount of emotional depth to this game and your actions matter and can affect how people and your group react to you. Plus with 6 different options as starting characters playing the same content twice still seems fresh.
6. Not afraid of adult themes. Yes with the right mods you can see the characters nude as they have their sex cut-scenes. Plus besides the sex type issues, there's a lot of mature subject matter, where a mother volunteers to die to save her child and you have to say yes or no.
7. Seemless cut-scenes. The cut-scenes only enhance the game and blend in extremely well with regular play.
8. Depth of story lines. There is a lot of story to this game

There is only one complaint I have about the game (besides sucking away all my time) and that is how the women move. In the game, everyone walks like a man, swaggering around with their shoulders swaying which is a very masculine behavior. Women move with more hip sway. It was just a bit disconcerting when the character, Morrigan, who is portrayed as a sensual kind of person is stomping around like a trucker. I would have liked to see better movement with the women.

But overall, a great game. I recommend it highly. It really showcases the quality work being done by Bioware.
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