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Good and Bad Weekend

Got back from ConVocation today. We had a good time overall. My classes that I taught went well and it was great seeing so many ADF folks show up. The classes I went to were cool as well.

This year the MI Groves had a suite which was a great place to hang together. The Grove from the Upper Penninsula, Twilight Flame, did an Odin ritual which I participated in. It was very well done and I think folks liked it.

Overall, it was a very nice weekend.

The bad part was Liz waking up at 4:30am to throw up, then kept throwing up repeatedly until after I got up at 7:30am. It turned out that some other Grove members were also throwing up so we think it was some sort of food poisoning. Poor Liz!

After getting home I discovered that my wallet was missing. I looked everywhere and even went back to the hotel (a 1 hour trip one way) asked around, but no luck. So I just finished canceling all my cards and will need to get a new drivers license tomorrow. For my own check card and the Grove check card I will have to contact the respective banks during normal business hours to get new cards issued, but at least they are blocked now. The other two cards I was able to have them send me new cards over the phone.

And the theme for this years ConVocation was based on the Tower Card from the Tarot. Surviving the Storm. How apropos. Well, at least next years theme is the Star which is much better.
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