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More on Mass Effect

I'm really liking this game, even more than Dragon Age Origins. And Mass Effect 2 is even better; streamlined game-play and no worrying about inventory.

However the character creation sucks and it is quite difficult to create a non-ugly character. It is far too easy to create something completely hideous, or even monstrous. Last night I imported a female character from ME1 to ME2 and decided to do a custom look to see if I could come up with something better. My character before wasn't bad looking, but there were a few things I didn't care for. I came up with something I thought was decent,went to play the game only to find the character looking really bad in most of the lighting and angles the character found themselves in. I ended up starting over and just using the straight import looks.

Even the default female character looks bad. The male one is ok though. The problem is that you don't have free movement of the head when creating the character. You have cheek sliders but can't see the proper angles to notice if it looks bad or not. You really have a straight ahead view or profile. You can't keep it in a 2/3 view or somewhere in between. It would make sense to allow you to freely rotate the character so you can see all the possible angles like other games, but no.

And the hair options is absolutely hideous! I used the best looking one which is just an ok hairstyle.

The choices for things is severely limited as well in Mass Effect 2. I mean you get 6 hairstyles, 3 types of complexion. Even the first game had a better selection. This was rather frustrating as I had seen a video of a character that actually looked really pretty with cool hair. Could not find the hair and can't believe they created it using Mass Effect 2. Maybe in Mass Effect 1 and it translated over well after import. I don't know.

But should not be this hard to create nice looking characters. Dragon Age suffered a bit in the character creation department with limited options.

But my only bitch about Mass Effect 2 is mostly cosmetic. The second game is an improvement on the first in so many ways. Except having to buy fuel while traveling between systems in clusters.
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