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I think I saw something sad today.

On my way home from work as I was on the entrance ramp getting onto I-94, I noticed to my left a male duck sitting on the shoulder of the highway next to what looked like the mangled remains of an animal. I could only guess that this was probably his mate who had been hit by a car.

This struck me as incredibly sad because the duck probably didn't understand what had happened or why his mate wasn't moving. It only knew the simple devotion to sit next to his mate for however long it needed to. I was saddened because here was an example of such pure devotion being abused by a world that didn't care and was far beyond it's simple animal understanding.

I realized that humans are too smart for this kind of devotion. Being fully self aware and sentient, we no longer depend on such a simple level of devotion that is now only exhibited in animals. The only truly unconditional love we have in this world is from our pets. The family dog doesn't care if you are rich, poor, beautiful, ugly, healthy or sick. It loves you for you, simply and unconditionally. It will stay by you no matter what happens. If you lose everything while gambling it will not go back to its mothers with the kids. It will not be angry if you do not pick up your socks from the floor after being asked 3 times. My little kitty Emma doesn't care if I leave dirty dishes lying around. She loves her daddy and puts toys in my shoes when I'm at work.

Humans are too complex and smart for this kind of devotion. This in itself is rather sad and makes me believe that we humans still have much to learn from the world around us. And I am left weeping over a duck lost in a complex world it didn't create and can barely understand knowing only its simple, unconditional and blind devotion.

I think I saw something sad today...
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