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Safely Home frome Wellspring.

Liz and I just got back from Wellspring held at the Brushwood Folklore Center.

I had a very good time and enjoyed getting to know folks from a couple of the Eastern Canadian Groves, despite the sudden tragedy that ensued later.

And best of all Rob, our Senior Druid and Kestrel, a grovemate were able to go!

Quick rundown:

Thursday: Arrived between 5pm and 6pm, got set up and basically hung out. Since I was running a Warriors Guild Pre-Game Ritual I had to make sure that I had all the various ritual props and stuff. Weather.com had predicted rain Friday and Monday, so I did weather working before I left. Weather all weekend was clear and hot. The nights were cool, but warmer than the last two years.

We missed the opening ritual since it was done at 1pm. However there was a big healing thing done for Isaac Bonewits, the founder of ADF who has advanced cancer and is too weak fo chemo. That was a very interesting thing to participate in.

Friday: Did the Pre-Game Ritual which went fairly nicely. We had a good omen and no one died. Maybe not as inspiring, but it was meant to be a quick ritual. Per how my Grove opens the Gates, I opened the gates and then asked the Gatekeeper Deity (Manannan MacLir) to watch over the gates. Later, avngrdnpriestes mentioned that my Gate Openings could have used more oomph. Since I was to open the Gates during the Healers Guild Ritual the next day I took her suggestion to heart and thought about ways to make it better.

I spoke with someone who worked at Brushwood and scheduled the delivery of hay bales for the archery competition. The only thing lacking was a stick for Druid sticks (2 people hold onto a stick and try to push/pull their opponent out of their respective, small area.

Friday night also had the ritual to install the new Archdruid, Kirk Thomas. That was good.

Saturday: Started the Warriors Guild Games which for the most part went swimmingly. The new knife-throwing event that I added seemed popular. I did have a hard time getting back all the riddle sheets, but overall it went well. I had been hoping to have all the games done on Saturday, but had to have Druid Sticks done on Sunday.

The potluck and Bardic things went well.

Sunday: Finally got the stick to use for the Druid Stick competition which was scheduled at 4pm during the Warrior Guild meeting. I did single elimination so that it would go quickly. We did have an injury, Nathon from one of the Canadian Groves. He ended up with a broken collar bone which was the exact same wound that Grey suffered two years ago. I was proud of how calm everyone was and how quickly we got him to the hospital.

Later was the Sumbel where I got to announce the winners of the Warrior Games.

Monday: The sad day, when we all have to leave and return to the mundane world. Early part consisted of showering and packing. Then saying good bye and driving. On the way home, the weather turned extremely torrential, so much so that there were more cars parked along the side of the road than driving on it. It was still raining in Michigan so we waited until it stopped raining to unload the car.

Overall I had a really good time although it was really exhausting.
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