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Best Day Ever!!!




Also I ordered a Nook Wi-Fi book reader from Barnes & Noble. See it here.

I've been wanting an E-reader for some time now. I had been looking at the Pandigitel Novel which is a touchscreen device. But the battery life is only 6 hours and they had all sorts of problems and recalled all the units. They will re-enter the market perhaps around the end of July. The Nook has a smaller area that has touch capability and the price ($150) was right. The Nook can also use micro SD cards for extra storage.

I've played with the Kindle, the Kobo, the various Sony Readers, also the iPad and the iPod Touch and like the Nook the best. Sure I would like the buttery smooth touch screen of the iPad. I mean, OMG the thing is fantastic! But I won't buy the iPad because it doesn't have USB ports and doesn't support flash. I don't have WiFi at home so it would be of limited use. I'm still leery of the amount of control Amazon has over the content of one's Kindle, even though it's a serviceable e-reader. The Sony touch reader has too much glare and is $300. The Kobo, while a nice e-reader doesn't have any touch at all. So the Nook is a great compromise in that I still get some touch capability. Having WiFi means that I can take it to places like Borders or other places that have free Wifi and still do a bit of web surfing if I wanted to.

Plus I can put a ton of books on it to read which I'm looking forward to. Some folks say that they prefer the touch and feel of actual books, but not me. Give me a cool device and let me load 1000 books on it. I've got tons of PDF files to put on it
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