uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

Witches Weekly #1

Do you wear any religious symbol jewelry/clothing? If so do you wear it openly in public?
No. I used to wear a pentagram years ago, but since I started folowing a druid path I stopped as it suddenly wasn't relevant anymore. My Grove gives out Grove necklaces and I used to wear that alot, but seldom do now. I guess I'm not that much into jewlery.

How do you feel about the issue of wearing religious symbols in schools and how some young teens are forced to remove their religious fashions?
I think they should wear what they want as far as religious symbols. Or conversely, if you ban one, you must ban them all.

Have you ever experienced a confrontation about wearing your jewlery in public? How did you handle the situation if so? I went to this Christian rock band concert (Jars of Clay) wearing said pentagram mentioned above. Actually they are a pretty good group. I have a soft spot for Christian rock. The music is pretty good and I like the devotional quality. Of course I have problem with the Christian themes, and direct references of Jesus, God etc. I wish Pagans had music like that. Anyway, some girl asked a question about it. That was about it.
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