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Shining Lakes Grove, ADF Fall Equinox Ritual

Well, today was our Grove's Fall Equinox ritual. We had a good omen and no one died.

We honor Ana, our River Goddess/Earth Mother and the Nature Spirits for Fall Equinox. It was a good time. We had a newer member do the Outsider part and it was well done. He had been inspired by illious's Outsider offering at the Summerland Festival and did a similar version during our rite. We offered two apples, one before hand and one afterwards since they lived up to their end of the bargain.

I'm happy to see folks get inspired at festivals and then bring that back to the Grove. This past year has seen several changes to our Liturgy that, in my opinion, really makes a difference. We actually do a Portal Hallowing now, something we never used to do. We also make a much bigger deal out of opening the Portals and get the participants more involved. Also after welcoming the Kindreds, we have everyone take a moment to feel Their presence within the ritual area. Overall it's made for more oomphy kind of rituals.

Hopefully we will have a lot more Grovemates making it to Wellspring next year.
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