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Last Sunday I saw the movie Immortals with my lovely wifelisbet and Grovemate, robsteiner. If you are any sort practitioner of Greek religion you will most likely hate this move. As with 300 they didn't even try to recreate anything remotely close to the myth. The license they took was egregious. They only mentioned three gods by name. The rest I had no clue as to who they were. There was only one goddess, Athena.

However I enjoyed the movie. The clever use of a "minotaur" in the "labyrinthe" was interesting. The fight scenes were spectacular and we got to see one of the hottest asses ever.

But the main reason I love this movie was the gods. For once, the gods in this movie did not look down upon humans, or turned out to be evil thus indicating that the Christian God was superior. These gods, while looking a bit androgynous, felt that humans' free will was important and didn't want to interfere with that free will. Finally a movie that accurately portrays gods correctly. Sure these gods broke the rules a bit in awesome ways, but still, the idea was there. The gods had faith in humanity. This was completely refreshing and I really enjoyed seeing this. I will buy this movie just for this reason (well maybe for the ass too).
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