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Court of Sif

Well it's official. I'll be doing the Court of Sif at Summerlands ADF festival in August. This will pretty much be the same thing that Ian Corrigan did last year with his Court of Brigid except that it will be for the Norse Goddess, Sif. Much thanks to Ian for inspiring me to do this. I was mightily impressed with what was done last year.

Ian calls this a "prospecting" ritual where we are trying to find spirits willing to help us in magical working. Think of this as neopagan grimoire magick. But instead of using the Goetia or other Judeo-Christian trappings, this will be purely from a pagan point of view. Instead of using some Golden Dawn kabalistic ritual we will be using ADF core order of ritual.

In my youth, I spent a great deal of time learning ceremonial magick. However after I became Pagan, I found that I couldn't go back to the ceremonial stuff as that was all based on the Judeo-Christian god. That wasn't my god anymore and it didn't fit. This is a way to fulfill the need for some deeper magical work, but in a way that I find approachable.

However I have to admit to a certain trepidation at the prospect of standing up there in front of everyone and doing this thing. I've not lead rituals in front of the ADF people in general as Ian has. I'm worried I won't be seen to have the same amount of ritual "clout" as he does. I'm also not much of a singer or song writer, so I really don't have any Sif specific songs to use. Nor do I have cool phrases in Old Norse.

I have the rite written up and it seems complete. Just need to gather the items for the offerings, then write up the stuff for Part one where I explain what's going on and hand out information to the people. I'm even going to try to come up with a ritual to use when contacting a specific spirit for magical working.

I'm not as strict of a ceremonialist as Ian. I'll be taking some shortcuts. For instance in his Court of Brigid, he had an annointing part to help with the spirit vision. I plan on using my Run Valdr to echant a bunch of bracelets for people to wear to help them get into trance, open their inner eye and have a better trance work experience. Also after words Run Valdr will be used to help with grounding after the ritual. You know the Run Valdr motto: I've got a symbol for that!

I suppose I need to reach out to people for a bit of help during the ritual, I'm thinking of _crow365__ for the omens. As an Initiate and a fellow son of Odin I would trust him with that. Also robsteiner to open the gates as he does a wonderful job with that. I can beg those Bardic types out there for a Sif song or two.

Well, need to go pick up Liz at work now. I took the day off.
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