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Still More on Court of Sif

Got the bracelet things the other day. They are cloth and have simple knots to expand or constrict the band. These should be ideal for making into trance working bracelets. I plan on using Rún Valdr to make the bracelets magical. They will act to help one achieve a useful trance state, keep one protected and to still the more subjective parts of the mind so that a more objective experience can be gained. There will also be symbols to help with one's astral sight and hearing. Everyone will be able to keep the bracelet to take home afterwards, so that they continue to use it on their own. Should be quite neat. I love the idea of magical technology.

Rún Valdr also has a very good grounding symbol which skylark913 can attest to. I plan on using this a great deal for the group after the working is done. I'm also thinking of having available stones attuned to the grounding symbol that people can take when they leave the ritual.

Also my order of rowan wood from MagicalDruid has shipped! I basically just ordered the 9 sacred wood package but asked for only rowan wood. This will be used for the offering to Hlif, the Chieftain of Protection.

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