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Feeling Accomplished in a Manly way

Today, with the help of my brother, I installed a new overhead fan in the bathroom. It has a light and also a heater. The old one was very noisy and sounded ill. After removing it I have to admit it looked pretty grose, dirty and very rusty. And I'm not even making that up.

We got to go up in the attic, which was very hot and played with electric wires and had to figure out the wiring and everything. And best of all we only made one trip to Home Depot, Usually our projects require 3-4. There was one bit of trouble. After we got the unit installed and it was time to attach the light and the outer housing, we noticed that the screw on the inside didn't come down far enough for the light fixture to connect. This was a problem as that was the only means for the outer housing to stay in place.

So we did the manly thing and drilled a second hole and used a longer screw to secure everything. Then we (including my beautiful wife, who had come home by then) all went out to Applebees for dinner.

I like spending time with my brother. Being twins (fraternal) we were constant companions growing up and now I rarely see him as he lives 45 minutes away.
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