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Further musings on the Court of Sif rite

I bought the book Trance-portation by Diana Paxson. I also bought Seidr, the Gate is Open by Katie Gerrard. I'm reading Seidr to get further ideas for the Court of Sif rite. It's a really good book and I already see much that can be used for the Order of Raven and Falcon (an order dedicated to Odin and Freyja) further down the road.

Couple things that are now obvious to me regarding the Court of Sif is that I will need to have a drummer. Drumming will be invaluable in helping to achieve the desired mental states. According to Harner 4 beats per second is ideal, but I've been to Seidh working where a slow heartbeat kind of rythm was used. What I would like is the 4 beats per second used throughout most of the rite, but switching to a slow heartbeat when the participants are actually interacting with the different spirits. Any drummer volunteers?

Secondly there should be vardlokkurs sung. These are songs to attract spirits traditionally used in Seidh work. For this rite I figure I will simply have people do toning with the intent of attracting the courtiers of Sif to the area so we can converse. During the toning I will be singing other parts.

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