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I'm a Lord of the Rings 01loremaster
Congratulations! You know both your Tolkien and
your Peter Jackson. May I call you a fellow
Lord of the Rings geek?

How Well Do You Know Your Lord of the Rings?
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I must wait for the new Stargate season to start. I also wish the Firefly movie would come out. That was the best show and I hated to see it canceled. The writing, the characterizations, everything was utterly superb. At least I have the complete series on DVD, which is kind of depressing as it was only just the one season. I'm also looking forward to the new Stargate show, Stargate Atlantis. Double the Stargate fun!

Must get to bed soon. We have Gutter Helmet people out to give us an estimate at 10am. Then I have to get a haircut at noon and go out and buy some Magic: the Gathering cards. I found a write up of some very cool and devious Angel decks that I want to make. So now I have to go to a place I know and buy individual cards.
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