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Haven't done a damn thing all day

I've been sitting here, organizing things. On the Magic: the Gathering website I found an article on creating Angel decks. There were three rather strange ones described that are devestating. So I'm endeavoring to get the cards for this. I've gone through and made detailed lists of which cards are needed for each deck including; color, name, what set it's from, the rarity, # needed and # I have. I have finished and printed them out. I will now go into Excel and make a detailed shopping list using the above criteria. Some cards are needed for multiple decks, so I can consolidate everything into one list. Unfortunately most of the cards are rare. I bought two yesterday that were $12 each. And those are by far not the most expensive out there. It looks like it might take me some time to put together these decks. In the meantime, I took a lesson from the first deck and was able to construct a deck from cards I already had. It includes really big nasty creatures (mostly angels) and ways to get out mana really fast in order to pay for said big creatures. It should tide me over until I can get more cards. Now I will need to chop down my land destruction deck to make it more responsive.

I'm worried that I've become too obsessive and anal about the whole thing....
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