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Celtic Festival

The Saline Celtic Festival (Saline, MI) was quite nice. Picked up Liz's parents, got some breakfast and headed out. We got to see Bonnie Rideout give a great performance. Bonnie is from Saline and always gets a great welcome. She is very talented and is an award winning fiddle player. Liz bought a new dress that will look good at the Renaissance Festival. Or ritual even. Her mother bought some scones. We saw a sheep herding demo with border collies and watched several pipe bands play.

We got sunburns from being out for hours, but that's okay. We went out to eat afterwards with her parents as well.

I got back home in time to leave again to see "the guys." I made up a D&D character for a new campaign that my friend Mike is running. The characters will be the offspring of characters we ran in a long GURPS campaign. This time we are switching to D&D (not my favorite game) I'm making a paladin character. I also got to try out my new Magic: the Gathering decks. The Angel deck and the land destruction deck. Got great compliments on the Angel deck. They ganged up on me early to take me out as my deck was too much for them, but not before I took out someone else. I was told, "That's a good deck. Too good." Which is why they had to gang up on me. It was one of the nicest things they've ever said to me :-) This was before I was able to add any of the new cards that came by mail yesterday (Friday). After I was killed, I added some to the deck, but didn't play it again, so I'll have to wait until another time to try it again. I still don't have enough to duplicate the deck found on the Magic website but I can still work with the basic premise of the deck and make it work. I couldn't add all the new cards as I don't have other cards that would be needed. I hope the other cards don't mess things up. Decks can be delicate things. But at least I was able to put together a deck that had some bite.

The land destruction deck was pretty good as well, but I made a couple of tactical errors, that crippled me and I was eventually defeated, but, again, I was not the first person to lose. Then while waiting for the others to finish, I played a quick game of Munchkin with the other loser. I won the game.

The guys had previously told me that my decks lacked enough punch to really deliver the kill, which was true. I really learned a lot on the Magic: the Gathering website. I learned that you should design a deck to do one thing and then find multiple ways to accomplish that so that no matter what cards you pull you will be able to do what the deck was designed for. Trying to do multiple things tends to not work as you inevitably get stuck with card combinations in your hand that don't match, or depend on a single card buried at the bottom of your deck. I had always wanted to do lots of things, as there are many different cards and many different, cool things to do. It can be tough to be ruthless enough to pare down one's deck so that it functions effectively. You have to leave out so much and you keep thinking, "Oh, but that one would be cool to include," and "Oh, that one does really neat things."

Tomorrow is Guild Day (Sunday) and I also have to go back to my mom's to drag the stuff we took out of the basement to the curb for big trash pick-up day on Wednesday. Right now it's in garbage bags at the side of the house. My brother and I are having conflicting schedules, so getting over there together will be tough. But we will work out something. I can't make it Monday as a guest black belt is coming in to teach the ninja class and it's not something to be missed. And Tuesday I have a Grove meeting at my house. So we'll have to work out something.
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