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Well the cats are being quite friendly, although Emma is still a bit afraid of Angus because he is 5 times her size. She is only 3lbs. I never saw Angus as being that big before. He was my little boy. But next to Emma, who is quite skinny, he is huge! A bit fat even. I had never noticed before. Emma likes to be held all the time. She will still be put in her room at night until next week. I'm holding her right now. It makes typing tough. She is so sweet.

Ninja class was good. It was really brutal on Monday. We had a guest instructor to go over stuff we need to know for our black belt test. He knows more of the schools curriculum as he went through the black belt testing. My instructor tested under someone else. He will be back on Monday. I can't wait. My ankle hurts as does my wrists and at least one knee. I'm sure running doesn't help.

Speaking of brutal, running has actually gotten better. I was able to run a circuit and half around the trails without having to walk. Going up and down hills will be good in the long run. It's just really tough right now.

Work was okay. Things went prettty good.
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