September 3rd, 2004

new Rod

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I'll be glad when the weeks over. Looking forward to going up North with the guys. I don't get to spend much time with my twin very much these days. Plus I'll be able to play more Magic: the Gathering. I've ordered more cards. 5 Darksteel Forges and 2 Darksteel Reactors. The Forges make all my artifacts indestructable and the Reactors let me win the game if I have 20 or more counters on them (and they gain one every turn).
rod & emma

Going up North

Going to bed shortly, as I must get up at 4pm, get showered, etc. and be at my friend Kurt's place by 6am so we can go to Glen Arbor, MI, which if you use your hand (I love living in Michigan) is at the tip of the pinky finger.

I will be back on Monday sometime. I hope everyone has a restful and peaceful weekend.