September 18th, 2004

new Rod

Odd Dream

I had a dream the other night. ceolnamara was in it. Liz and I were at some sort of music competition at ceolnamara's school. Some girl composed and arranged a nice piece and I believe that ceolnamara was one of the players. Afterwards, she came and sat near us. Then some professor came on stage and invited people to play with him if they had flutes with them. ceolnamara pulled out a recorder and I thought it amusing that she would carry one around and told Liz this. Then everyone started playing. I was amazed that there was no sheet music being used at all by anyone and there were people playing all over the theater. I figured that the professor was doing some conducting or something, and looked. But, no, he was busy playing himself. It was interesting.

In other news. Going to the Ren Fest. Should be fun.
new Rod

Renaissance Festival

We got there about 10am, shortly after it started. It was the first time my in-laws had been. My mom and brother didn't make it. I wore a red tunic with a black turtleneck underneath, black pants and brown boots. I looked really good. Liz wore a beautiful white gown (same one she wore for our wedding) and looked very beautiful. At the festival she bought a lovely diadem to wear. Random people made appreciative noises when they saw her trying it on in the shop. We looked very good and I guess we should have gotten pictures taken of us in our outfits.

Had a good time wandering around and managed not to buy anything other than 15 arrows at the archery game. I shot pretty well. I almost bought a new belt, one of those that tie rather than uses a buckle. I was rather warm as I was expecting the weather to be cooler. I had an alternate shirt lined up (without the turtleneck) but thought the day was going to be cool. Instead it was very sunny and warm. The jousting was nice and Liz and I had a good view. Our side won. It was a good day.
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