November 16th, 2004

new Rod


Liz isn't feeling well, so I made dinner. I started off with some garlic bread sticks, and then pizza (the kind you bake). She got into her comfy clothes and is in her office watching fun movies eating her dinner. I did all the work and even cleaned up. I got the recycling ready, and took out the trash.
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new Rod

Fun Test

Here's a fun test.

I've been told that it helps to have your sound turned on. The jury is still out on that one as far as I'm concerned. It might be annoying to coworkers if you are at work. See below:
Subject: FW: male vs. female test

There are 5 noticeable changes between the 2 photos. Women on average can spot 4 of 5 within 30 seconds. It generally takes men up to 1 minute to find 3. How many can you find in one minute?
(It's a German test, so don't mind the foreign title.)

I had to look very hard.
rod & emma


I have a cute little kitten in my arms and she's purring and giving me kissies. She's a daddy's girl.

Makes it kind of hard to type one-handed, but that's okay.