February 15th, 2006


Sick, but Happy

For some reason, I am filled with happiness. I know that people like me and that I'm well loved. And barring that, I know that my Gods love me.

I've been sick since Friday, and went home early yesterday and Monday from work. Yesterday, I got home around 1:30 or 2pm and slept until 3:30am. So I wasn't a very good Valentine date. And I was still a bit tired today, which I attribute to the illness. My voice is also not good, but getting better. Sunday all I could do was make squeeky noises. My throat doesn't hurt, but I can't talk right. It started to get bad Saturday. The fact that I have to call lots of people as part of my job really sucks.

Other than feeling rather tired and having no voice, I'm feeling ok. My stomach hurt a tiny bit, and I have a small cough, but I'm not too bad.

That's all. Everyone have a good night.
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