February 21st, 2006

jolly Rod

Desert Magic

I'm going to Desert Magic! I'll be teaching my Rún Valdr there. I'm really excited. They are giving me a plane ticket and everything.

Although I believe it will be the same weekend as SLG's Beltaine, so I won't be there if folks from Columbus decide to come up. That is sad. Maybe they can visit for Midsummer. Anyway, I'm excited about going.

So, I'm hoping to go to Trillium, am going to Desert Magic, definitely going to Wellspring and am planning on going to Summerlands. A full summer of ADF festivals.

We had a Grove An Bruane meeting. It is a members only thing where we discuss deeper Grove stuff. It's the only members only meeting we have and this is the first year in many that we've had it on a regular basis.

Now I need to get busy cleaning the house for the weekend. We are going to ConVocation and will be gone from Thursday to Sunday. Liz's mom will be house sitting for us. We are excited. I'll be teaching my Rún Valdr again. There will be lots of good workshops and stuff.

That's all for now.
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