March 22nd, 2006

new Rod

My Mom isn't doing well

As some of you may know, my mom went into an assisted living place in December. She had been getting forgetful and confused. We found a good place but she has not been doing well. On Monday, she was taken to the hospital. She was being violent and incoherent. So Liz and I went to visit her after work. It's hard seeing your mother in restraints, not knowing what's happening to her and very agitated. My brother, Bob showed up later and we got her calmed down, but she didn't like the restraints.

This morning I got a phone call from a social worker. She explained that they wanted to move my mom to an in-patient psych ward for evaluation and I said ok. We visited her today and she seemed quite happy. Still very confused about things, but happy. Bob showed up again. I think part of the reason mom was so happy was that she expected to go home with us, but had to stay there. She didn't understand why. But overall, she seemed happier. She was surrounded by people and she is a very social person. At the place she was at, there were only a few people and they didn't interact much.

Any way, it's really hard seeing her like this. We will try to find her someplace other to live, somewhere with more people. Perhaps a full nursing home rather than an assisted living place.

overall, it's rather depressing.
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